Further touches

We recreated the inner brace on the trunk lid.

The 'speed holes' on the rear inner fender have been covered from the outside, but are still visible from inside the trunk, thus we retained this historic mark of the car.

We made factory-like rear braces to fit between the trunk and the rear seat. 

The rear end needed some work as well. 

We fixed and mounted all four fenders. Currently we are waiting for a new grille and a few other parts.

Creating a new floor

We start by rolling beads in the fresh sheet metal. Heat must be introduced to the material at the bead ends to help flattening. We form the sheet to create the drifeshaft hump, then fix the finished floor pan to its place in the body.

Door repair

First we created the interior window garnish moldings. The photo shows the original and the chopped pieces. The chopped garnish molding was mounted to the door and the inner door structure created. 

The door panel will be mounted on the new sheet metal structure.

You can also see the garnish molding mounted to its place.

1940 Ford Coupe custom

This Ford is an original Barris car originally created by Sam. It has been  raced by the previous owners with several driveline setups so the complete floor and the firewall is missing. Our task is to recreate the missing sheet metal, rebuild the interior and prepare the body to accept a blown Ardun engine.

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